Central Point, Oregon

City Website: Central Point
Distance From Lone Mountain RV Resort: 61.2 miles.


Central Point is located in Jackson County, Oregon, near the heart of the Rogue Valley. Located just about 65 miles driving distance from Lone Mountain RV, it is home to the Upper and Lower Table Rock plateaus.


This community received its name because two important pioneer roads of the Rogue River Valley crossed at this point which was near the center of the valley. One of these roads was the north and south road from the Willamette Valley and the other was the Road leading from Jacksonville, which was then the center of the settlement, northeast to Table Rock, Sams Valley and other localities. Central Point was named by Isaac Constant who was a pioneer of 1852 and who lived near the crossroads. The Magruder brothers established a store at this point in 1870 and a post office was soon given the name of Central Point. The town is on the Siskiyou line of the Southern Pacific Company and on the Pacific Highway and has an elevation of 1272 feet.

Local Attractions Near Central Point:

Table Rock
Table Rock

Wineries and Vineyards in Central Point

Caprice Vineyards
Caprice Vineyards

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